Featured Classes: Double Knitting!

Are you intrigued by double knitting? Looking to learn how, or to expand your double knitting skills? This year we have two classes - both taught by Aleen Caplan Yamasaki - that can take you from zero to intermediate-level DK'er in one day! On Saturday, take "Double Knitting: It's Magic!" in the morning. You'll learn how to cast on for a DK project, how to follow a chart, and how to do DK flat or in the round.

In the afternoon, you can jump into the "Advanced Double Knitting: Adding Texture" class, where Aleen will introduce techniques for adding different kinds of texture to your double knits, an enhancing them with edgings and interesting bind-offs. She'll also show you how to fix mistakes.

Check out the descriptions below, and get double knitting!