Classes for Beginners

Welcome new knitters!  One of our fondest wishes for Knit Fit! is to provide classes that inspire beginners and casual knitters to advance their skills and jump into the deep end with the rest of us!  We've compiled here a listing of our beginner-friendly classes.  You don't need to know any more than casting on, knit and purl stitches, and binding off to do these classes, and there's still plenty of time to learn the basics before November even if you're a pre-beginner. Plenty of experienced knitters will find new techniques to explore in this listing as well!  If you have questions about your skill level and preparation for any class please feel free to get in touch with us (contact - a t - knitfit - dot - info).

For further information, please see our registration guide pdf or CLICK HERE to register for classes.


A Roving We Will Go: Knitting and Crocheting with Roving Shannon and Jason Mullett-Bowlsby (3 hrs – Sunday 2-5 pm, $75)

We will learn to work with roving to create “yarns” (sans wheels and spindles!) of varying weights so you can customize your finished project to reflect your own personal style and flare. Don’t have your own style and flair? That’s okay… we’ll show you some tricks along the way to really make this FAB fun and unique way of working with roving something you can be proud of… and make your friends jealous of your new rove-hooking prowess.

Skill Level: All Homework: None Materials Fee: $8 - includes roving Student-supplied Materials: • Crochet hooks and/or knitting needles


Finishing Your Knits Andrea Rangel (3 hrs – Sunday 9:30 am-12:30 pm, $75)

Learn to give your projects a professional finish. This class will cover all the topics needed to make a beautiful finished project. Learn to create clean, straight seams using mattress stitch. Invisibly weave in your ends using duplicate stitch. Learn bind-off methods including 3-needle bind-off and Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off. Practice grafting using Kitchener stitch, and get information all about blocking. We’ll also cover ways to reduce finishing by using seamless construction. You worked hard on that project; finish it flawlessly.

Skill Level: All Homework: Bring three swatches – worsted weight Stockinette stitch – 4 in/10 cm x 4 in/10 cm, one not bound off. Materials Fee: $2 - includes handouts Student-supplied materials: • Worsted weight yarn in 2 colors • Appropriate knitting needles • Tapestry needle • Scissors


Knitting Behind the Wheel

Mary Scott Huff (6 hrs – Saturday 9:30 am-12:30 pm, continues Saturday 2-5 pm, $150)

Learn the simple rules of Color Theory...then break them! In this 6-hour class, we’ll explore the basic concepts of color theory through use of the color wheel, applying them to our class project. Each student will receive a yarn kit and pattern to knit a modular felted bag. Work each module to learn first hand what different color combinations can do!

Skill Level: All Homework: None Materials Fee: $20 - includes Color Wheel bag kit, including 13 colors of yarn, color wheel, pattern, and Dorset button form. Student-supplied materials: • 1 pair size 4 (3.5 mm) dpn or other needles • 1 pair size 6 (4 mm) dpn or other needles • Tapestry needle • Note taking supplies


Knitting with Vintage Patterns Jen Hagan (3 hrs – Saturday 9:30 am-12:30 pm, $75)

Vintage knitting patterns can be a treasure trove of wonderful new projects—if only you could understand them! This class will show you how to navigate all the out-of-date language, materials, sizes, etc., that can make it so daunting to use these patterns and produce something wearable. We’ll talk about topics such as finding missing information and substituting yarn—basically we’ll unlock all the barriers keeping you from knitting that 50’s sweater-girl teaser or that 20’s tennis sweater if you want. Bring your own collected gems and let’s learn how to get these beauties onto your FO list!

Skill Level: Beginner Homework: None Materials Fee: None Student-supplied materials: • Vintage knitting patterns (optional)

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The "OH!" of MathShannon and Jason Mullet-Bowlsby (3 hrs – Saturday 2-5pm, $75)

Love it or hate it, math is an essential part of every stitcher's life and in this class we’ll have you geeking out on crochet and knit math with our super easy methods for everything from averaging the number of decreases to calculating your gauge, figuring yarn amounts for your next project to, well, even altering existing or writing your own patterns! That's right, we're going to unveil the secrets that we use every day in our design studio to create everything from afghans and hats to runway couture. You’ll have more OH! moments than an herbal shampoo commercial!

Skill level: Beginner Homework: None Materials Fee: No Student-supplied materials: • Note cards or notebook • Measuring tape • Calculator -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Professional Techniques for Hand Knitters Lisa Ellis (3 hrs – Saturday 9:30 am-12:30 pm, $75)

Are you a self taught knitter? Did your grandmother teach you how to knit? Have you noticed that your knitting doesn’t look as good as “hers”? Knitting techniques have come a long way and they can make a huge difference in the outcome of your project. This class will finesse your knitting skills to look professional and less “home made”. We will start with a prettier cast on, a cleaner ribbing, an easier selvage to seam, better looking decreases and finishing with the most elastic bind off out there. Tricks of the trade will be taught along the way – like how to transparently change colors in pattern and work a buttonhole that won’t grow in size!

Skill Level: All Homework: None Materials Fee: None Student-supplied materials: • Light colored yarn in either DK, light worsted or worsted weight • Needle size according to yarn label

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recycled Yarn Making Lee Meredith (3 hrs – Saturday 2-5 pm, $75)

Learn how to turn an old, unwanted sweater into a sweater quantity worth of new ready-to-knit yarn! We'll go over all the details of what to look for when thrift store shopping for sweaters to recycle, what to avoid, and how to handle different types of sweaters and yarns. Then we'll get hands-on and take apart sweaters - everyone will get their own reclaimed sweater to work with. You'll learn tips and tricks gathered from years of experience, and you'll leave with your new recycled yarn!

Skill Level: Beginner Homework: None Materials Fee: $10 - includes reclaimed sweater Student-supplied materials: • If you already have a sweater you’d like to recycle into yarn, feel free to bring it along, but you are not required to supply anything. Scissors and other tools will be provided for use in class.


Stitch and Click Shannon and Jason Mullett-Bowlsby (3 hrs – Sunday 9:30 am-12:30 pm, $75)

Nothing is more disappointing than finishing a FAB fiber project and not being able to take an equally FAB photo of it.  In Stitch & Click we will show you how to show off your stitch work with great photos. Don’t have an expensive camera or equipment? No worries! We will show you simple tips and tricks to use what you have around the house to create photos that will really show off all that hard work you put into your stitching project. Bring your camera (ANY camera) and we will play with lighting techniques and tools to help you learn to take the best photos without breaking the bank. We’ll teach you to make smart choices for picking good basic lighting and DIY photography equipment.

Skill Level: All Homework: None Materials Fee: None Student-supplied materials: • Your camera


Tunisian 101 Karen Ratto-Whooley (3 hrs – Sunday 2-5 pm, $75)

This is the perfect class for knitters to learn to crochet! Learn the 3 basic Tunisian stitches: Simple, Knit and purl stitches. Learn tips to prevent curling, ending off and picking up stitches.

Skill Level: Beginner Homework: None Materials Fee: $3 - includes handouts Student-supplied materials: • Size US I/9 Tunisian hook • Smooth light colored worsted weight yarn • Scissors • Steel yarn needle • Paper and pen for notes


And of course, our evening events are for all skill levels, and all levels of interest in knitting!


Everything I Need to Know, I Learned From Knitting Friday, November 1, $25 Doors open 6pm, Talk begins at 7pm

Join us for an evening with Mary Scott Huff, in which she presents valuable life lessons learned from knitting.  Bring your knitting, your sense of humor, and your best pal to help us kick of Knit Fit! 2013 on Friday Night!

Mary Scott Huff is the author of The New Stranded Colorwork, and Teach Yourself Visually Color Knitting, She fled the realm of Information Technology to pursue a more yarn-centered way of life. The many friends she found along the way have helped her become a nationally-recognized designer, teacher and author. A native of the Pacific Northwest, Mary shares a wee little house there with her husband, two children, some Scottish Terriers, and more yarn than is strictly necessary.


SATURDAY MOVIE NIGHT: Game Knitting - Singles Saturday, November 2, $15 Doors at 6pm, Intro to Game Knitting begins at 6:30pm

Join Lee Meredith aka Leethal on Saturday night to make a completely one-of-a-kind item by turning the act of knitting into a game played along with a movie! This is an informal event where you'll learn how game knitting works to create a random stitch pattern in any project, and we'll all game knit to Singles. Food and drink will be available for purchase.

Skill level: All levels Homework: None Materials Fee: No Student-supplied materials: • Bring yarn and needles of your choice to knit a small simple project, like a dishcloth, wrist cuff, headband, or anything super basic, in any gauge you want