No homework!

Who needs homework?  If you're looking for classes you can just jump right into with no advance preparation (except gathering a few supplies), read on for homework-free sessions at Knit Fit! (in alphabetical order)


Beginner Pattern Writing Jen Hagan (3 hrs – Sunday 9:30am-12:30pm, $75)

For knitters beginning to design on their own, the challenge of writing clear, standardized patterns worthy of indie sale or freelance work can be daunting. This class brings the beginner pattern writer up to speed and instills the confidence a new designer needs to be able to write patterns that will sell and that will keep customers coming back. We'll cover topics such as what makes a complete pattern, how to make patterns easy to read, and to how to keep patterns concise. For pattern publishing, see Lee Meredith’s Self Publishing Your Own Knitting Patterns class.

Skill level: Intermediate knitting skills.  Also useful but not required: MS Office/Publisher/Excel, some charting program eg. Stitch & Motif Maker, Knit Visualizer, Intwined, etc. Materials Fee: No Student-supplied materials: None


Design-A-Monster Workshop Rebecca Danger (3 hrs – Sunday 9:30am-12:30pm, $75)

Are you ready to be in the designer’s seat? Join toy knitting pattern designer Rebecca Danger for a fun day of making a custom monster, just the way you want! We’ll play with different body parts and limbs until you get a custom-creation to your liking. Students will go home with a special pattern with all kinds of different combinations of monster parts plus basic instructions for creating their own monsters so they can continue creating their own unique creatures at home.

Skill level: Intermediate (Basic skills + increases, decreases, knitting in the round using Magic Loop, picking up stitches.) Homework: None Materials fee: No Student-supplied materials: • 1-2 colors of sock yarn (note: Rebecca will bring sock yarns that can be purchased in the class) • A 40” Us Size 1 circular needle • Basic knitting tool kit (scissors, stitch markers, etc.)


Game Knitting Lee Meredith (3 hrs – Saturday 6:30-9:30pm, Doors at 6pm, $15)

Make a completely one-of-a-kind item by turning the act of knitting into a game played along with a movie! This is an informal event where you'll learn how game knitting works to create a random stitch pattern in any project, and we'll all game knit to a Seattle-themed movie together.  Movie TBA. Food and drink will be available for purchase.

Skill level: All levels Homework: None Materials Fee: No Student-supplied materials: • Bring yarn and needles of your choice to knit a small simple project, like a dishcloth, wrist cuff, headband, or anything super basic, in any gauge you want.


Inspired Seamless Garments Kristeen Griffin Grimes (4 hrs – Sunday 2-6:15pm with short break, $100)

Even if you have never constructed a seamless garment, best-selling author Kristeen Griffin-Grimes (French Girl Knits & French Girl Knits: Accessories), will inspire you to pick up your circular needles and start knitting without seams! This is a completely hands-on workshop covering all techniques needed to create a seamless sweater. The first half of the workshop focuses on special cast-ons, increases/decreases, methods of picking up stitches and joining, as well as creative use of circular needles. Practical tips for sizing seamless patterns for the perfect fit will be included. In the second portion, students will knit a mini-sweater using one of the 5 seamless methods covered.  Kristeen will provide a 13-page handout that covers all techniques.

Skill level: Intermediate Homework: None Materials fee: No Student-supplied materials: • 2 sets of #7 circular needles, 24” long • approximately 200 yds white or natural color good quality, worsted weight yarn (preferably wool or wool blend) • ring markers • tapestry needle • small scissors


Knit Different Lisa Ellis (3 hrs – Sunday 2-5pm, $75)

This course aims to introduce knitters to the myriad ways there are to make a knit and a purl stitch. We will survey the many methods of knitting from around the globe and discuss their advantages and disadvantages. Throwers will try picking and pickers will try throwing, and two-handed colorwork will be introduced.

Skill level: All levels Homework: None Materials Fee: No Student-supplied materials: • Smooth worsted or bulky weight yarn in two different light to medium shades • Appropriate knitting needles for yarn


Knitting from Silk Hankies (Mawata) Barbara Seeler (3 hrs – Saturday 9:30am-12:30pm, $75)

Learn how to knit directly from silk hankies (Mawata). Students will learn how to separate a few hankies from the supply, and attenuate the silk into fibers that can be knit just like yarn.  They will sample different dye patterns in the silk hankies to see what the pattern will look like when knitted. They will also learn what knitted stitches/patterns are appropriate for this technique.

Skill level: Beginner Homework: None Materials Fee: $15 – Includes sufficient hankies to get the concept plus 1 package of 0.5oz hankies to take home. Student-supplied materials: • Bring at least 3 different sizes of knitting needles from US 2-7.  On the smaller size if you knit loosely, on the larger size if you knit tightly, in the middle if you knit to gauge. Do not purchase any - just bring what you have - loaner needles will be available for use in class.  Any type of needle is OK.


Make-A-Monster Workshop: Tips and Tricks to Make Amazing Toys Rebecca Danger (3 hrs – Saturday 9:30am-12:30pm, $75) What better way to learn the secrets of monster-making than to make a tiny toy with knitting pattern designer Rebecca Danger? Rebecca will teach you tricks and tips to toy-making by knitting a mini-monster with you. Does the thought of having to sew all those little bits together keep you from knitting toys? Rebecca can help you out! Perfect for knitters new to toys, or those who want to enhance their toy knitting skills, this class will cover the toy making basics: from different knitting techniques, to tools of the trade, to the perfect finish. Come learn new techniques to give you the confidence to start creating toys and walk away with a completed mini monster (or critter).

Skill level: Beginner Homework: None Materials Fee: $10 – Mini monster kit, includes everything you need to make a mini monster or critter (excluding needles). Student-supplied materials: • A set of 4 or 5 US 5 (3.7s mm) dpns • Basic knitting tool kit (scissors, stitch markers, etc)


The "OH!" of Math Shannon and Jason Mullet-Bowlsby (3 hrs – Saturday 9:30am-12:30pm, $75)

Love it or hate it, math is an essential part of every stitcher's life and in this class we’ll have you geeking out on crochet and knit math with our super easy methods for everything from averaging the number of decreases to calculating your gauge, figuring yarn amounts for your next project to, well, even altering existing or writing your own patterns! That's right, we're going to unveil the secrets that we use every day in our design studio to create everything from afghans and hats to runway couture. You’ll have more OH! moments than an herbal shampoo commercial!

Skill level: Beginner Homework: None Materials Fee: No Student-supplied materials: • Note cards or notebook • Measuring tape • Calculator


Planning to Pool Gladys We (3 hrs – Sunday 9:30am-12:30pm, $75)

Handpainted yarns are beautiful, but can be difficult to work with because of the seemingly unpredictable way that the colors can pool. This class will help you take a new look at those gorgeous multicolored skeins in your stash in order to help you see new ways to work with them.  We'll do some simple swatching and plan how to use your yarn to create new and original works of planned pooling art. See Gladys' projects at for examples.

Skill level: Intermediate - familiarity with backwards loop cast-on and provisional cast-ons, reading charts for lace, and (ideally) ability to memorize very simple lace patterns. Homework: None Materials Fee: No Student-supplied materials: • A selection of needles from US 4 through US 9 • A skein or sample skein of handpainted yarn. (Instructor will bring some mini-skeins to share, but your own needles are essential. Interchangeable needles are recommended but not required.)


Self-Publishing Your Own Knitting Patterns Lee Meredith (3 hrs – Saturday 2-5pm, $75)

Learn all the basics of self-publishing knitting patterns, from how to create a PDF file to how to go about selling your patterns and promoting yourself to the knitting community. We'll talk about all elements of independent knitwear design publishing, but will not be going into specifics about the actual designing or pattern writing itself, as that is a whole separate area (see Jen Hagan’s Beginning Pattern Writing class). The class will focus mainly on digital self-publishing (selling PDF patterns online), not so much on print publishing.

Skill level: Intermediate Homework: None Materials Fee: No Student-supplied materials: None


Sideways Edge Cast-On and Bind-Off Lee Meredith (3 hrs – Sunday 9:30am-12:30pm, $75)

Learn how to knit a sideways edging while casting on stitches along the edge at the same time, avoiding the need to pick up stitches or sew seams later. This technique is done with increases and short rows and, once understood, can be integrated into patterns which call for picking up many stitches along an edge - perfect for hats with sideways brims or socks, mitts, and sweaters with sideways cuffs. Then learn the reverse, adding a knitted on sideways edge to a piece while binding off the stitches at the same time.

Skill level: Intermediate – basic knitting skills plus a variety of increases and decreases. Homework: None Materials Fee: No Student-supplied materials: • Any yarn of your choice (a weight that you like working with best, something smooth and easy to work with) • Needles sized to match, a circular needle is recommended (everything will be worked flat, but the flexible cord will make it easier to see what’s happening) • A stitch marker


Two-Handed Fair Isle Lisa Ellis (3 hrs – Saturday 2-5pm, $75)

Andean hatTwo-handed Fair Isle is a must for anyone wishing to knit in color. Strands are woven in as you knit - thus eliminating the ugly strands in the back of the work that tend to get snagged, pulled, and puckered. We'll learn how to pick and throw as we practice reading and knitting from a chart.  We'll also learn a fun cast on technique as well as twining the earflaps. We will also cover dominant color, trapping yarn, and 2-color cast on method as well as knitting with both hands. Andean hat pattern (right) included.

Skill level: Intermediate - must be able to knit in the round and work with double pointed needles, increase, and decrease.  Experience knitting hats and some Fair Isle helpful but not necessary. Homework: None Materials Fee: No Student-supplied materials: • US #9, 16-inch circular needle and dpns • 100 yds of Aran weight wool yarn in main color • 30 yds of Aran weight wool in highlighting color


The Women Whose Knitting Made and Saved Their Lives: A Coast Salish Legacy and the Cowichan Sweater Sylvia Olsen (2 hrs with intermission – Friday, 7-9:15pm, $30) Doors open at 6pm, drinks and bites will be available before the program

Sylvia's presentation is a wonderful story of Coast Salish knitters, who, almost one hundred years ago, created their own knitting style, a world-famous sweater and an industry that made and saved their lives. The history of the Cowichan sweater and the women who made them is a tale of innovation, hard work, hard times, ingenuity, beauty and love. Sylvia's story is enhanced by stunning historical images and accompanied by a unique display of antique Cowichan sweaters. Sylvia lived most of her life in a Coast Salish community immersed in the knitting industry and brings a rare perspective to the story.

Skill level: All/suitable for non-knitters Homework: None Materials Fee: No Student-supplied materials: None