Advanced Classes

Ready for a challenge?  The following Knit Fit! classes are aimed at advanced knitters.  Skills required for each are listed below - but keep in mind you have plenty of time to refresh your memory or get caught up before November.  These classes are wonderful opportunities to learn new techniques with the pros!

• • •

The Elements of Hand Knitting Design Andrea Rangel (6 hrs – Saturday 9:30am-12:30pm, continues Sunday 2-5pm, $150)

Take your knitting to the next level by designing your own projects. Learn how to choose stitch patterns, fiber, and yarn for any design and practice the basic procedure for making it happen. Plan a scarf or wrap design in class using the skills you learn.

Skill level: Advanced.  Students should be comfortable following patterns and somewhat familiar with working lace, cables, stranded color work, and textured (knit & purl) stitch patterns using charts and/or written instructions.

Homework: Swatching and planning between sessions Materials fee : $2 – Includes handouts. Student-supplied materials: • Pictures of project inspirations • 2 skeins of yarn (with labels) wound into balls to design with - one plant fiber and one animal fiber OR two very different weights. • Needles appropriate for both yarns • Calculator

• • •

Shapely, Sexy Steeks Mary Scott Huff (3 hrs – Saturday 2-­-5pm, $75)

Think stranded colorwork sweaters are all shapeless drop-­-shoulder boxes? Not anymore! Learn to plan and use the steeked openings in your knitting to make shaped and fitted stranded garments! In this workshop, you'll learn to think like a sculptor, shaping knitting to your body, and not the other way around. Learn how a well-­-planned steek can actually speed up your knitting, minimize the finishing required in your garment, and perfect its fit! We'll practice shaping on a miniature vest project, analyze patterns for steeked adjustments, and even discuss ways to incorporate steeks into non-­-stranded garments. Sexy!

Skill Level: Advanced (Basic knitting skills [knit, purl, increase, decrease], stranded colorwork knitting in the round, and familiarity with steek techniques). Homework: Using at least 2 colors of 2-­-ply Shetland wool (such as Jameson's) work a 60-­-st knitted tube in any charted pattern(s) you wish. This is the beginning of your miniature vest, so put ribbing at the bottom, if you'd like, and make the piece around 3 inches long. Do not bind off. Class Supplies: 2-­-ply Shetland wool yarn in the colors of your choice (at least 2), with needles to achieve gauge stated on ball band (or your preferred gauge). 6 stitch markers, tapestry needle, waste yarn, sharp shears for steeking , and either a hand sewing needle and thread for hand sewn steeks, or a crochet hook and yarn for crocheted steeks.