Classes for Beginners

Ready to move beyond the basics?  The following classes only require knowledge of casting on, knitting, purling, and binding off.  Though suitable for beginners, experienced knitters will also find a range of new techniques and ideas in these classes! For full details including homework and supplies, see full class descriptions page.

Color Theory and the Albers Cowl - Ann Weaver

Albers CowlKnitters are constantly faced with color choices. The Albers Cowl is a perfect opportunity to experiment with color by using small amounts of yarn and simple techniques. This workshop will present the basics of color theory, like lightness, saturation, hue, and complimentary colors.  After discussing color theory, knitters will begin work on the Albers Cowl. This workshop will expand knitters’ color vocabulary and confidence in color combination choices. Knitters will learn how to pick up stitches from vertical and horizontal edges and will also learn a variety of finishing techniques.

Current Trends in Yarn Bombing (Talk + Workshop) - Leanne Prain The first part of this session is a 45-minute talk, accompanied by a visual slideshow, about current happenings in the yarn bombing movement. This talk will explore a wide range of artists and their motivations. Among the trends: artists who make their living from yarn bombing; the rise of knit graffiti gangs and traditional spray paint graffiti artists embracing yarn bombing; the trend of yarn bombing in advertising; and communities organizing around yarn bombing.  This talk will be followed by a Q&A and stitch and bitch in which participants are invited to create a public yarn bombing together. We will be creating 5" X 5" squares to stitch together in a community yarn bomb. The more we can knit and crochet, the bigger the yarn bomb will be!

Fashion Forecasting - Cirilia Rose

This class will explore the world of fashion forecasting. Whether you work in a yarn store, design patterns or just knit for yourself and your loved ones, this class will sharpen your ability to find inspiration in the world around you. We'll learn how to enliven our knitting with silhouettes that are current but not overly trendy, and how to overcome color ruts. You'll leave this class with a better understanding of trend cycles and how they affect fiber folk.

Game Knitting - Lee Meredith Make a completely one-of-a-kind item by turning the act of knitting into a game played along with a movie! This is an informal event where you'll learn how game knitting works to create a random stitch pattern in any project, and we'll all game knit to Say Anything together. Food and drink will be available for purchase.

Knit Different - Cirilia Rose This course aims to introduce knitters to the myriad ways there are to make a knit and a purl stitch. We will survey the many methods of knitting from around the globe and discuss their advantages and disadvantages. Throwers will try picking and pickers will try throwing, and two-handed colorwork will be introduced.

Knitting from Silk Hankies (Mawata) - Barbara Seeler Learn how to knit directly from silk hankies (Mawata). Students will learn how to separate a few hankies from the supply, and attenuate the silk into fibers that can be knit just like yarn.  They will sample different dye patterns in the silk hankies to see what the pattern will look like when knitted. They will also learn what knitted stitches/patterns are appropriate for this technique.

Make-A-Monster Workshop: Tips and Tricks to Make Amazing Toys - Rebecca Danger What better way to learn the secrets of monster-making than to make a tiny toy with knitting pattern designer Rebecca Danger? Rebecca will teach you tricks and tips to toy-making by knitting a mini-monster with you. Does the thought of having to sew all those little bits together keep you from knitting toys? Rebecca can help you out! Perfect for knitters new to toys, or those who want to enhance their toy knitting skills, this class will cover the toy making basics: from different knitting techniques, to tools of the trade, to the perfect finish. Come learn new techniques to give you the confidence to start creating toys and walk away with a completed mini monster (or critter).

The "OH!" of Math - Shannon and Jason Mullet-Bowlsby Love it or hate it, math is an essential part of every stitcher's life and in this class we’ll have you geeking out on crochet and knit math with our super easy methods for everything from averaging the number of decreases to calculating your gauge, figuring yarn amounts for your next project to, well, even altering existing or writing your own patterns!

The Perfect Hoodie - Shannon and Jason Mullet-Bowlsby A great hoodie is a thing of beauty. Or, if not of beauty of comfy! Some of our fave garments to grab-and-go are our hoodies. Whether you’re off for a day of shopping, an evening of clubbing, walking the dog or lounging on a lazy weekend, a great hoodie is the perfect wardrobe addition for men and women (and children) alike. Short, long, oversized, undersized, supersized, whatever floats your boat! We’ll start from scratch and design a custom-made hoodie just for you!

Start to Finish: Planning Ahead for Happy Endings -  Mary Scott Huff

"Rats! Why didn't I think of that back when I started?" Ever ask yourself that when it's time to finish your knitwear? It happens to us all when finishing gets left as an afterthought, in a fit of Start-itis. Here's your chance to think things through before you begin, and a perfect excuse to start something new! In this class we'll run through Mary's checklist of pre-knitting decisions. Set yourself up for success by making informed construction choices. Learn how to prepare your garment for easy and elegant finishing, before you even start.

The Women Whose Knitting Made and Saved Their Lives: A Coast Salish Legacy and the Cowichan Sweater - Sylvia Olsen Sylvia's presentation is a wonderful story of Coast Salish knitters, who, almost one hundred years ago, created their own knitting style, a world-famous sweater and an industry that made and saved their lives. The history of the Cowichan sweater and the women who made them is a tale of innovation, hard work, hard times, ingenuity, beauty and love. Sylvia's story is enhanced by stunning historical images and accompanied by a unique display of antique Cowichan sweaters. Sylvia lived most of her life in a Coast Salish community immersed in the knitting industry and brings a rare perspective to the story.

Yarn Bombing 101 - Leanne Prain An introduction to the world of yarn bombing. What is it? Why is it named yarn bombing? Who does it? Why do they do it? How can I do it? All of these questions and more will be answered in this lecture and slideshow presentation.  The talk will be followed by a Q&A and ten-minute yarn bombing craft (Make Your Own Tiny Pom Pom Bomb) that is appropriate for all ages, including non-knitters.