Shannon & Jason Mullet-Bowlsby (Shibaguyz)

Meet the Shibaguyz!  Shannon & Jason are the DIY duo behind the design studio of Shibaguyz Designz. Shannon's award winning crochet & knit designs have been featured in and on the covers of both US and international publications. Jason's stunning fashion photography can be seen in many of their client's pattern lines as well as in their new book, "Urban Edge". Shannon has been teaching for 20+ years and the duo has just released their third pattern book with three more books scheduled for release in 2012 including one through their new publishing company, Shibaguyz Publishing. Shannon and Jason will be teaching The OH! of Math and The Perfect Hoodie at Knit Fit! 2012.  For more information about the Shibaguyz visit their website

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What is your favorite mindless knitting/crocheting entertainment? Swatching! I love to sit down with yarn, hooks and needles and really see what a skein of yarn can do. Working in both crochet and knit, the possibilities of fabrics I can create are endless!

What are some sources of visual inspiration for you? I like walking through downtown Seattle and the surrounding neighborhoods and seeing what people are wearing and how they are putting their outfits together. The diverse population of Seattle really lends itself to an amazing array of color, fabrics and textures.

Who taught you to knit/crochet? My grandmother and my great aunt were my main teachers. I remember my mother knitting and crocheting a lot too but I remember spending weekends at my grandmother’s house learning to crochet, knit, sew, cook… they even let me do a little quilting.

Favorite yarn weight? My favorite yarn weight is the one that best makes the fabric for the piece I am designing at the time. Every yarn weight and type has its own unique properties and I love working with them all.

What is your greatest weakness? Ice cream… it’s my kryptonite… and chocolate… yeah… THAT is my kryptonite. OH! Coffee… really good coffee… wait… did I have to pick just one??

What would you change about your stash? We prefer to call it our “stock”. And if I could change anything about it, there would be a teleporter in (one of) our stock room(s) that we could use to pick up any yarn anywhere in the world when I needed it. Perfect solution, yes?