Barbara Seeler

Meet Barbara Seeler!  Barbara learned to knit as a child and has a life long ongoing love affair with fiber.  In the early 90's she started spinning and quickly realized the pairing of spinning with knitting allowed unlimited exploration of fiber, color and texture.  She taught at the Greater Los Angeles Spinning Guild while living in Southern California, Peachtree Spinners Guild and Chttanoochee Guild while living in Georgia.  She served as director of The Handweavers Guild of America and is currently an active member of Valley Spinners Guild in Snohomish, The Snohomish Knitters Guild and Northwest Regional Spinning Association. Barbara will be teaching Knitting from Silk Hankies (Mawata) at Knit Fit! 2012 and her website is BJS Fiber Creations.

• • •

Who taught you to knit? My piano teacher when I was 5 taught me to knit in order to keep me occupied while I was waiting for my lesson. Years later I realized her goal was to strengthen the non-dominant hand and to learn how to do 2 different things with each hand. What a wise women she was to know how much playing he piano and knitting had in common.

What are some sources of visual inspiration for you?  Color and sparkle are my current obsessions. Attempting to capture the sparkle of the light in the morning shining off the water and shining through the trees and translating these images into handspun yarn is my current focus.

Tell us about your most epic knitting disaster. Nothing is a disaster, only the creation of an object of art, the learning of a lesson or the opportunity to have a supply of felt.

Tell us about the project you’re most proud of. My 45 year old son who ,when I broke my leg, brought me his blanket that I had made for him when he broke his wrist some 40 years ago. I am incredibly proud of my son as a man and of the blanket that he has kept for so long.

What’s the best place to knit in public in Seattle? Anywhere.

Most useful knitting tip you ever learned? From Kathryn Alexander: One sock is a piece of art, 2 are a pair.