Knitting Techniques

This year, we have a great set of classes to help you expand your bag of tricks! Maybe you'd like to have more options: cast-ons, bind-offs, ways to create crisper cables. Maybe you have a few knits that you've loved a little too much, and want to learn how to mend them so they look even better than before.  Learn how to "pick" your knits if you're a "thrower" - which opens the door to stranded color work. Learn to knit Portuguese style - which is simply ingenious and cool - but also might help if you're experiencing hand strain.

Here's a handy array of classes that cover these topics and more - or you can check out the Classes page to see everything!

Bling Factor

Amp up the "bling factor" of your knitting! This year we have two classes devoted to making knitted jewelry, plus a lunchtime session on adding beads to your knits. All three of these sessions will be taught by the wonderful Sivia Harding.

Featured Classes: Double Knitting!

Are you intrigued by double knitting? Looking to learn how, or to expand your double knitting skills? This year we have two classes - both taught by Aleen Caplan Yamasaki - that can take you from zero to intermediate-level DK'er in one day! On Saturday, take "Double Knitting: It's Magic!" in the morning. You'll learn how to cast on for a DK project, how to follow a chart, and how to do DK flat or in the round.

In the afternoon, you can jump into the "Advanced Double Knitting: Adding Texture" class, where Aleen will introduce techniques for adding different kinds of texture to your double knits, an enhancing them with edgings and interesting bind-offs. She'll also show you how to fix mistakes.

Check out the descriptions below, and get double knitting!